Wie kann ich eine bestehende Zahlungsmethode ändern

<div>Klicke auf "<span><b>Settings"</b></span> </div><span></span><br>

<div>Click on "<span><b>Payments"</b></span> </div><span></span><br>

Under <b>"Methods"</b> you will have all the different payment methods you accept at the hotel<br><br>For example, Cash or Visa<br>

<b></b>If you want to modify the name, simply enter the new name under <b>"Name"</b><span class=""></span>

<div>You have the option of activating/deactivating the <b>"Follow-up"</b> option for the payment type to use the payment follow-up report<br><div><p><br>We advice activating the payment follow-up for all payment methods</p></div> </div>Click on&nbsp;<span><i><b>"Save"</b></i></span><br>

Under <b>"Default delay (days)"</b> you can enter the payment delay between the time the payment is made at the hotel and the time you expect to receive it in your bank account<span></span><br>

<div> Under <b>"Commission (%)"</b>&nbsp; you can add the commission charged for the transactions with this payment method. This is used internally and not seen by the hotel guest </div><span></span><br>

Click on&nbsp;<span class=""><b>"Save"</b></span>

As you can see, all changes are successfully saved<br><br>That's it. You're done!<br>

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