How to add a new payment method

Klicke auf "<span class=""><b>Settings"</b></span>

Click on "<span class=""><b>Payments"</b></span>

Under <b>"Methods"</b> you will have all the different payment methods you accept at the hotel<br><br>For example, Cash or Visa<span></span><br>

<b></b>To add a new payment method, enter the name of the payment method under <b>"Name"</b><br>

You have the option of activating the <b>"Follow-up"</b> option for the payment type to use the payment follow-up report<br><br><b></b>We advice activating the payment follow-up for all payment methods

Under <b>"Default delay (days)"</b> you can enter the payment delay between the time the payment is made at the hotel and the time you expect to receive it in your bank account<br>

Click on <b>"Save"</b><br>

Once the payment method is correctly saved, you can add under <b>"Commission (%)"</b> the commission charged for the transactions with this payment method. This is used internally and not seen by the hotel guest

As you can see, the new payment method has been successfully added<br><br>That's it. You're done.

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