How to add a new extras account

Klicke auf "<span class=""><b>Settings"</b></span>

Click on "<span><b>Payments"</b></span><br>

Under <b>"Accounts"</b> you can create all the accounts for which you create additional revenue in the hotel<br><br>For example, Room Service

<b>"Here"</b> you can enter the name of the new account

<b>"Here"</b> you can choose from the dropdown menu the VAT class that is associated with this extra account<br><br><b>Note:</b> to create additional VAT classes refer to the tutorial "How to add different VAT classes in the system?"<br>

Click on <b>"Add"</b>

As you can see, the new extra account has been added correctly in the system<br><br>That's it. You're done!

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