How to choose the rate on a new reservation

Click on <b>"Calendar"</b>

Click on <b>"New Reservation"</b>

Drag the cursor over the <b>"calendar"</b> to select the dates of stay on the corresponding room

<b>Here</b> you can enter the client information or <b>"search"</b> for an existing client

Once you have entered the client information, click on <b>"OK"</b>

Under <b>"Adult, Junior, Baby"</b> you should choose the number of adults, juniors and babies in the reservation<br><br>By doing this, the price will be adjusted correctly based on the number of people in the room

By default, the <b>"Default"</b> rate is displayed

Under <b>"Rate"</b> click on the drop-down arrow do display the different rates available for this room category on the selected dates

The different rates will display and you must <b></b>click on the <b>"rate"</b> that you want to apply to this reservation

As you can see, the new rate applies correctly to the reservation and you can see the <b>"breakdown"</b> on the right side of the reservation screen

Once you have entered all the necessary information in the reservation and selected the correct rate, click on <b>"OK"</b>

Click on <b>"View Reservation"</b>

In the reservation page, you can see the <b>"price"</b> of the room and the total of the reservation

Click on <b>"Room rate"</b>

Under <b>"Rate"</b> you can see the selected rate and you can see the applicable room rate and rate type applied<br><br>That's it. You're done!


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