How to invoice a no-show?

The first step is to open <span class=""><i><b>base7</b></i></span> and click <span class=""><i><b>Calendar</b></i></span>

Click <span class=""> on the <i><b>reservation </b></i>you received a no-show for</span>

Click <span class="">on the <i><b>reservation number </b></i>to open the reservation page</span>

Click <span class=""><i><b>+ Add </b></i>to add an extra.<br>This is where you will account for the price of the room</span>

Under Description, write <b><i>No-show </i></b>and add information about the reservation if you wish

Under <b><i>Qty</i></b>, type "<b><i>1</i></b>"

Under <b><i>Unit Price</i></b>, type the total price of the reservation. You can see it at the top of the reservation page

Select the account from the drop down list. <br><b><i>Note</i></b>: You can create a&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>Corrections </b></i>or No-show account, depending on how you wish to account for your no-shows. Check the tutorial "How do I add a new revenue account?" to do this.<br><br></span>

If you wish, you can link this extra to a room.<br><b><i>Note</i></b>: as we are going to remove this room since it was a no-show and this field is not mandatory, we don't recommend selecting anything there

Click <span class=""><i><b>Add</b></i></span>

You can now <b><i>delete </i></b>the room from this reservation in order to liberate it on the calendar and make it available again

Click <span class=""><i><b>Yes</b></i> to confirm</span>

The original amount of the reservation is being <b><i>accounted </i></b>for through the Extra we added, and the <b><i>room </i></b>has been liberated so we can put it back on sale

Click <span class=""><i><b>+ Add </b></i>to add a payment</span>

Select <span class="">the <i><b>type of payment </b></i>from the drop down list</span>

Click <span class="">on the <i><b>green box </b></i>to toggle the full amount of the reservation</span>

Under <b><i>Comment</i></b>, you can add a comment to explain that this payment is for a no-show, or leave it blank if you wish

Click <span class=""><i><b>Add</b></i></span>

The <b><i>payment </i></b>has successfully been added and the reservation paid for

Back on the <b><i>calendar</i></b>, the room has indeed been liberated

Return on the <b><i>reservation</i></b><b><i>&nbsp;</i></b>by clicking on the tab

Back on the reservation page, click <span class=""><i><b> Quick Invoice </b></i>to create the invoice</span>

Click&nbsp;<span class=""><i><b>Create Invoice </b></i>to confirm</span>

And here is your <b><i>no-show invoice.<br></i></b><i></i>That's it. You're done!<b><i><br></i></b>

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