How to export arrival reports?

Click on <b>"Reservations"</b><span class=""></span>

Click on <b>"Reports of Arrival"</b><span class=""></span>

<span><span></span></span> By default, the system will display the reports of arrival for the current day<span><br><br><b>Note:</b> you can change the dates via the date pickers</span><br>

Under <b>"Type"</b> the type of export set up on settings will be selected by default<br><br><b>Note:</b> if you wish, you can choose another type of format<span class=""></span>

Under <b>"Location"</b> you can choose a specific property if you are working on a multi-property account<span class=""></span>

<b></b>If the option <b>"Group pages if possible"</b> is selected, the system will group the pages if you are working on the PDF format (Switzerland)<span class=""></span>

Click on <b>"OK"</b> to update the arrival reports based on the different filters<span class=""></span>

Under the column <b>"Auto"</b> you can see a warning sign if no arrival report has been created for that specific reservation<span class=""></span>

<b>Here</b> you will see the information that has been completed for the arrival report<span class=""></span>

The fields highlighted in <b>"yellow"</b> indicate fields that have not been completed in the arrival report<span class=""></span>

<b></b>Click on <b>"Export"</b> to export the arrival report file onto your computer<span class=""><br><br>That's it. You're done!<br></span>


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