How to confirm a reminder as resolved

Click on <b>"Reminders"<br><br></b>The yellow sign indicates how many reminders you have expiring <b></b>today<span class=""></span>

Here you can see that you have <b>one reminder</b> that expires today<i><b> <br></b></i>

When you slide your mouse over the reminder, the options "Mark as resolved" and <b></b>"Edit" will appear<span class=""><br><br>Click on <b>"Mark as resolved"</b><br></span>

Now you can see that under the reminders tab you no longer have reminders expiring today<br><br>The reminder has also been removed from the Reminders list<span class=""></span>

Click on <b>"Calendar"</b><span class=""></span>

Click on the <b>"reservation"</b> for which you just confirmed the reminder as resolved<span class="" data-id="0"></span>

Click on the <b>"reservation number"</b> to access the reservation details

<b>Here</b> you can see the reminder is still showing in case you want to review the reminders of the reservation<span class=""><br><br>That's it. You're done!<br></span>

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