How to download the client database

Click on <b>"Clients"</b><span class=""></span>

Click on <b>"Download Client Database"</b><span class=""></span>

Tick <b>"Save File"</b> and then click <b>"OK"</b><span class=""></span>

Click on <b>"A"</b> in order to highlight all the content on column A<span class=""></span>

Click on <b>"Data"</b><span class=""></span>

Click on <b>"Text to Columns"</b><span class=""></span>

Tick <b>"Delimited"</b> and cli<b></b>ck <b>"Next"</b><span class="component"></span>

Under "Delimiters" tick <b>"Semicolon"</b><span class=""></span>

Click on <b>"Next"</b><span class=""></span>

Cli<b></b>ck on <b>"Finish"</b><span class=""></span>

Click <b>"OK"</b><span class=""></span>

You now have all the information from your client database in Excel format<br><br>That's it. You're done!<span class=""></span>

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