How to add a comment on a reminder

Click on <b>"Reminders"</b><span class=""></span>

Now you can see your reminder and the date when it expires<br><br>In this example, the reminder expires today

<b></b>You can see that the reminder has no comments at the moment<br><br><b></b>Click on <b>"Comments"</b> to add a comment to the reminder<br><br><span class="" data-id="0"></span>

Enter your comment in the <b>"textbox"</b> <span class="" data-id="0"></span>

Once you have entered your comment click on <b>"Reply"</b><span class="" data-id="0"></span>

The comment now displays under the reminder with the username, date and time of the comment<span class="component" data-id="0"></span>

<b></b>Another user can then reply back to your comment by entering another comment in the <b>"textbox"</b> and clicking on <b>"Reply"</b><span class="" data-id="0"></span>

Now you can see that under <b>"Comments"</b> it displays the number 1 for the 1 comment that has been entered<br><br><br>That's it. You're done!<span class=""></span>

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