Is there a shortcut to access Base7

Below you will find the URL basic template for all clients.

Simply replace "hotel identifier" with your own hotel identifier in the URL search bar:

Once you have accessed your Base7 account, you can save the URL in your favorites on your web browser (click on the star at the right of the URL search bar).

You can then simply click on the bookmark that you have created to access your account.


To add an icon directly on your computer desktop, please follow these steps, depending on your web browser:



1. Click on the three dots on the far right of the URL search bar

2. Click on More Tools

3. Click on Add to Desktop

4. Name the icon "Base7", or something you will recognize as your PMS tool

5. Click Add, and a desktop shortcut will be created



Please follow the following link for instructions:


For further information on our subdomains, also read our Journal:

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