How will a rate plan be displayed on the Booking Engine

If the rate plan is well set and Active then it will be display in the IBE. On the setting page you will have the information of the status:<br>Active<br>Valid for IBE

If it's not active click on the 3 little dot and you will be able to enable it. For more help please have a look on the tutorial call&nbsp;<b><i>How to quickly customize your rate plan<br></i></b><b><i><br></i></b>

<i></i>If it the status Valid for IBE do not appear it's mean that you are missing a part of the setting:<br><b><i>Available periods<br>Description<br>Terms and Condition</i></b>

Once you will be in the IBE add the date linked to your available period.

As you can see multiple rate will be display

If you click on the rate&nbsp;

The description and Terms and condition you add in the setting will shown.

If you click Select

The price will change following the setting of this rate plan.

If you click on <b><i>Book Now</i></b>

You will be able to book the room with a specific rate and finish the reservation process.


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