How to bill a No-Show/ Day Use?

Click on Calendar

Click on the reservation you wish to cancel

Click here to access the reservation of the client

Click here to remove the room from the reservation

Click here to confirm

You can see that the room was successfully removedClick here to 'add' an extra

Click here to fill in the necessary information

Click here to select the 'No-Show' account or 'Day-Use'

Then, click on add

You can see here that your extra has been addedNow, click here to 'add' a payment

Click here to choose the payment method

Click here to enter the full amount

You can enter a comment such as 'No-show' if you wishThen, click on add

Here you can see the payment was successfully addedNow click on Statistics

Click on Daily Reports

Here you can see the payment corresponding to the No-show!


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