How to view and export my invoices

Click here on Accounting

Click here to access Invoices

Here you will have all the invoices generated in Base7

Click green highlight

You can click here if you wish to apply filters to find specific invoices

Once you have applied any filters click on OK

Once you have selected the invoice click on Print if you wish to have a paper copy

You also have the possibility to select all invoices at once or just part of them to export

You also have the possibility to export the invoices by clicking here, this will automatically open an excel file on your computerNote: For MAC users you will be required to change from a CSV format to XLS

The rest of this tutorial will show how to change format if it is not done automaticallyClick here on 'Data'

Then, click on 'Text to Columns'

Click here to select the 'Delimited' option and then on 'Next'

Then select the option 'other' and insert a ';' to separate the informationThen click on 'Finish'

That's it, you have the invoices on the excel file!


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