How do I add a payment to a reservation?

Click on "Calendar"

Click on the client's reservation 

Click on the "Reservation Number" to access the reservation details

Under the "Payments & Taxes" section, click on "Add"

The following payment will be paid using 2 payment methods to demonstrate an example:→ half in Cash→ the other half by credit card

Click here to enter the amount you paid using the selected payment method

Click on "Add"Note: When the"Total" above appears in red, it means that the invoice hasn't beensettled

Click on "Add" to addanother payment

Click here to choose the payment method. This time we will use credit card

Click here to select the remaining amount that needs to be paid

Click on "Add"

That's it. You'redone!The full invoice has been settledNow we see that the "Total" has changed to greenmeaning the invoice has been paid in full


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