How to charge a percentage of the reservation with the payment gateway (Stripe)?

Stripe will help you manage the different ways in which to save online payments.<br><br>You can find more information regarding Stripe on the following link:&nbsp;<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href=""></a>

Click on&nbsp;<b>"Settings"</b>

Click on&nbsp;<b>"Booking Platform"</b>

Click on&nbsp;<b>"Credit Card"</b>

Select the first option&nbsp;<b>Wait&nbsp;</b>where you keep the credit card as a guarantee or to manually charge it later

You have the option to add a personalised message that will be displayed during the reservation process.

Click on&nbsp;<b>"Save"</b>

Once the client clicks on&nbsp;<b>"Confirm Reservation"</b><span><i><b>&nbsp;</b></i>the reservation will automatically come onto your calendar</span>

Click on the new reservation on the calendar

Click on&nbsp;<b>"Confirm"</b>

Click on the&nbsp;<b>"Reservation number"</b> to access the reservation details

On the "Payments" section, click on&nbsp;<b>"Stripe"</b>

Under&nbsp;<b>"Amount"</b> type the amount you wish to charge, in this case 10% -&gt; 15.8

You can choose whether to charge immediately or to charge it later

Click on&nbsp;<b>"Create Charge"</b>

Now you can see that the customer has been charged 10% of the reservation&nbsp;<br><br>That's it. You're done!

Stripe will help you to manage different ways of saving the payments.You can find more informations about Stripe on the following link:

Click on Settings

Click on Booking Platform

Click on Credit Card

Select the first option

Type in your message for the booking process 

Click on Save

When the client will confirm his reservation, the reservation will automatically come in your calendar

Go back to your calendar and click here in order to refresh

Click on the new reservation 

Click on confirm

Click on the Reservation number

Click on Stripe

Type in the 10% amount of the total --> 15,8 CHF

Select if you want to capture the amount immediately or later

And click on "Create Charge"

The amount of 15,8 has well been taken from your client!


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