How to manage Petty Cash?

You can add a 'Petty Cash' by clicking on "New Reservation"

Click here to select today's date

Click here to insert 'Petty Cash'...

...And here 'Cash'

Click on "OK"

There is no need to enter any details here, click "OK" directly

Click "View Reservation" to enter the reservation

Click "Add" to add a payment

Click here to select the 'Petty Cash' payment method previously created

Enter the amount

You can also add a comment

Click on "Add"

Here you can see your payment has been added.Now click on "Add"

Click here to select 'cash' as the payment method

Click here to select the negative payment in order to restore the balance

Click on "Add"

Now, click on "Statistics"

Then, click on "Payments"

Keep your mouse on total and you will be able to see the details of the paymentsAnd you are done!


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