Can I use a Payment Gateway on my Booking Engine

Yes you can!

We are connected Stripe for automatic payments on Base7 and the booking engine.

Stripe will allow you to keep the credit card information as a guarantee, freeze the funds or charge the full amount.

For more informations you can go on

Stripe has the following commissions:

- Hotels in Europe

   - European credit cards: 1.4%

   - International credit cards: 2.9%

   - Additional commission on each transaction of € 0.25

- Hotels outside of Europe:

   - All credit cards: 2.9%

   - Additional commission on each transaction of € 0.25

In order to create an account you can check the following tutorial:

Stripe is a payment gateway interfaced with Base7 that allows you to accept payments in minutes. Collect your customers' payment information and guarantee all your bookings.

You will be able to use it in several ways depending on your policies:- Direct charge- Preauthorization- Keep credit card information- Take a pre-payment of the reservation

Stripe is the right tool for your hotel as it will make your life easier when it comes to your daily operations and will help you guarantee your reservations

To create your Stripe account go to and click on "Sign In"

Click on "Don't have an account? Sign up"

Under "Email" enter your email address

Under "Password" enter a secure password

Under "Confirm password" re-type your password

Click on "Create your Stripe account"

Click on "Go straight to your dashboard"

This is your Stripe dashboard. Here you will be able to view your transactions and a summary of the revenue volume

As you can see, your account is currently on Test Mode. Prior to connecting your Stripe account to Base7, you need to put in in Live Mode. Slide the button from TEST to LIVE

Click on "Activate account"

Fill in the questionnaire related to your hotel

Click on "Activate account" to set your account on LIVE MODETo connect Stripe to Base7 please send an email to A member of Hotel Care will handle your request and ensure the connection is set up correctly!


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