How to modify the display of the Channel Performance Report

Click on "Statistics"

Click on "Channel Performance"

This is the default view for the Channel Performance Report but you can customize it to fit your needs

Click on "Select a Property" if you are a multi-property in order to choose whether you want to see all properties or an individual property

On "Date Range" you can choose the dates for which you wish to see the report

Click on "Select Columns" to view all the columns available and customize the view of the report

Here you can see the various columns you can have. If you wish to make a column visible, simply click on the "column title" and when the letters turn black this means that the column is visible now on the report

Click on "Toggle all Columns" if you wish to make all columns visible

Click on "Default Columns" if you wish to view the default columns which are:- New Reservations- Number of Cancellations- Overnight Stays- Average Room Price per Overnight- Net Revenue- Commission Rate- Real Commission Rate- Overnight Share

Click on "Back"

Once you have selected which columns you want to view, they will display accordingly by channel

Click on the "channel" you wish to see in more detail

Now you can see the columns you have made visible but also the other columns and their corresponding information


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