How to edit my email layout

Click on "Settings"

Click on "Pictures"

Click here and add the "name" of the new picture

Click "Browse" to find the picture on your computer files

Click on the "Hotel Logo"

Click on "Open"

Click on "Upload"

Click on "Settings"

Click on "Emails"

Click on "Layouts"

Click on "Default Layout" or...

Click on "New Layout" if you wish to create a new layout

Click on the line above "[[content]]" to insert your logo above the email text

Click on the "Picture Icon" on the menu

From the "Image List" select the picture you want to use as the email layout picture

Click "Insert"

Now you can see that the picture has been correctly added to the email layout.Note: it is very important that you leave the [[content]] field below the picture in order for the email text to attach to the layout

Click on "Preview"

Now you can see a preview of how the email layout will be displayed

Click on "Edit" if you wish to continue editing the email layout

Click on "Delete" if you want to delete the email layout

Click on "Save" to save the email layoutThat's it. You're done!


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