How to modify prices of individual nights in a reservation?

Click on "Calendar"

The reservation for Aretha Franklin will have the last night of the stay at half price

Click on the "scissor tool"

Now click on the reservation you wish to split

Click on the date at which you want to split the reservation

Now you can see that the reservation has been successfully split Click on the reservation

Click on the "reservation number" in order to access the reservation page

You can now see that the reservation has two rooms - one room from the first dates and the same room for the second dates

To modify the price of the night that has been split, click on "Price" on the rooms for the correct dates

Under "Price" you can modify the price of the room

Under "Price Type" you can choose whether this is a daily, fixed, weekly or monthly price

Once you have made the necessary modifications click on "Save"

Now you can see that the price of the room for that specific night has been modified

The price of overall amount for the reservation is automatically updatedThat's it. You're done!


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