How can I pre-authorise seasons on Base7?

Click on Settings

Now, click on Seasons

Click here to enter the name of your season

Click here to allocate a priorityNOTE: Priorities become important if you have seasons that will overlap.

Click on Add

Click here to select the dates you would like to allocate to your season

Now click here to select the season

Click on Add

Here you can see that your season has been added for the winter seasonClick here to add another season

Click on Add and now select the dates for this season

Click here to select the High Season

Click on Add

Here you can see both seasons that you createdNow click here to access the price settings of the seasons

Now click on Accommodations

Click here on Price

Now you can enter your price for your upcoming seasons in advance for each room category

Don't forget to click on Save!Once the season dates start, those prices will be the ones taken by the systemThat's it you're done!


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