How can I give a complimentary night to my guests?

If you would like to make a nice gesture to your guests by offering them a complimentary night at your property, you can manage this on your Base7 account easily.

Please look at the tutorial below in order to see the procedure:

Click on the Calendar

Click on the scissors tool to split the room

Now, click on the room you wish to give a complimentary night to

If you wish to give only one complimentary night please split the reservation either after the first night or for the last night

Here you can see that the reservation has been splitClick on the reservation

Click here to access the reservation page

Click on the Price button of the night which you have split

In the Price field, insert 0.00.-

Then, clicl here in order to choose the fixed price type

Click on Save

If you wish to remove the city tax for the complimentary night click on Price once more

Click here to change the city tax to 'none'

Here you can see that the price will automatically adjustThat's it you're done!


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