How to read and export the Accounts Summary report

Click on "Statistics"

Click on "Accounts Summary"

In the Accounts Summary, you will be able to see all the information corresponding to the corporate accounts in your hotel

Click on "Select a Property" if you are a multi-property in order to choose whether you want to see all properties or an individual property

On "Date Range" you can choose the dates for which you wish to see the report

Click on "Select Columns"

Here you can see the various columns you can have. If you wish to make a column visible, simply click on the "column title" and when the letters turn black this means that the column is visible now on the report

As a default, all columns are active on the reportClick on "Toggle all Columns"

Now, all columns are inactive on the reportClick on "Toggle all Columns" to reactivate all the columns

Click on "Default Columns" if you wish to display all the columns

Click on "Back" to go back to the accounts summary

Click on the "plus sign" next to the company account ID in order to see additional information about the company

Now you can see the information concerning all the reservations from this account

Click on "Export"

You can choose to export "All Columns" or the "Active Columns Only"

Click on "Export"

Check "Save File" and click on "OK"

Open the Excel file on your computer, and now you can view the Accounts Summary in Excel formThat's it. You're done!


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