GDPR - Frequently Asked Questions

On May 25, 2018, the EU will enact the most wide-reaching regulations around data protection since 1995. While this change will have a minimal impact on how you use our PMS, we’ve been compiling popular questions to share the answers with the Base7 community. We’ll make regular updates to this space as more questions roll in, so check back to learn more details.

When GDPR applies, I will have to prove compliance to the authorities. However, since all data management is in Base7, I cannot do anything about it but I am liable as the owner. Do you have the data management documentation for us as users? 
If you receive a request from the authorities, please contact us and we’ll be happy to share that information. In any other case, please understand that we cannot disclose our documentation without cause. 
Who is liable for guest data?
We are liable for protecting your data as a customer, and you are liable to protect the data of your guests.
If a guest requests to see all of their stored information, how do I retrieve that in Base7?
We can complete a data export upon request that would include all collected personal data, as well as details about the stay. 
Will we have to pro-actively prove compliance to the authorities or is it upon request/during audits?
No, you are only required to prove compliance upon request. 
If guests opt-out of receiving marketing emails or newsletters, how will I see that in Base7? Will those email addresses be blocked from email templates in general?
Currently, Base7’s email templates do not support marketing emails--only communications around a guest’s reservation (booking confirmation, welcome, etc). However, guests can still opt-out of receiving newsletters from your hotel. This opt-out does not prevent sending out the reservation emails we mentioned earlier, and opt-out information is visible in any guest export as well. 
You can access our Privacy Policy here: 
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