How to delete a reservation from the Calendar

Step 1: Click on "Calendar"

Step 1 image

Step 2: Click on "the reservation" you wish to delete

Step 2 image

Step 3: On the Toolbox, click on the "reservation number" to enter the reservation page

Step 3 image

Step 4: On the top right of the reservation page click on "Delete" to delete the reservation

Note: when the reservation is deleted, the availability will automatically re-open on your calendar

Step 4 image

Step 5: Click on "Yes" to confirm that you wish to delete the reservation

Step 5 image

Step 6: As you can see, the reservation status is now "Deleted". There will be no trace of this reservation on the client profile and you will be unable to reactivate the reservation

Note: we do not recommend deleting reservations in the system

Step 6 image

Step 7: Click on the "Calendar" tab at the bottom of your screen

Step 7 image

Step 8: Once you are on the calendar, do a right click on the "Calendar" tab at the bottom of your screen

Step 8 image

Step 9: Click on "Reload"

Step 9 image

Step 10: Now that your calendar has refreshed, you can see that the deleted reservation has been removed and the availability has been re-opened

That's it. You're done!

Step 10 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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