How to set up a Rate Plan - Step 1

Step 1: The first step is to open Base7 and click on Settings

Step 1 image

Step 2: Click on Rate Plans

Step 2 image

Step 3: Click on Add rate plan

Step 3 image

Step 4: This is the place where you can name your rate plan

Step 4 image

Step 5: Choose which rate this offer should be based on

Step 5 image

Step 6: If desired, add a specific discount. This can only be set in percentage. Please be aware that you have to use a dot instead of a comma as a separator

Step 6 image

Step 7: Select the room types linked to this rate

Step 7 image

Step 8: If desired, add a board to this rate

Step 8 image

Step 9: If a board is selected, then decide if this one is included in the price or excluded

Step 9 image

Step 10: Select the correct property if you are working in a multi property account

Step 10 image

Step 11: Click on Create rate plan to save

Step 11 image

Step 12: In order to finish the basic setup of this rate click on Edit

Step 12 image

Step 13: Select different options for the credit card if you are a Stripe user. For the accounts using the Base7 option for the credit card, the settings from your IBE will be taken into consideration

Step 13 image

Step 14: This option will only be available for the Stripe user:
Charge (will charge 100% of the reservation)
Pre-authorize (will capture the total amount for 7 days)
Wait (will save the credit card in the client profile)

Step 14 image

Step 15: For the accounts who are not using Stripe, the setting from the IBE will be applied

Step 15 image

Step 16: It is possible to create a Rate Plan that is only valid for early bird bookings. You can set a period of days in advance for which the guest can book. If it's less than this amount, the rate will not be shown in your IBE

Step 16 image

Step 17: Set the minimum and maximum stay options for this Rate Plan if applicable

Step 17 image

Step 18: Or use the default setting. This information will be taken from the Restriction Page in your account.

Step 18 image

Step 19: Don't forget to save!
That's it. You're done.

Step 19 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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