How to set up my property's Terms and Conditions on the Booking Engine

Step 1: The first step is to open Base7 and click on Settings

Step 1 image

Step 2: Click on Booking Engine

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Step 3: Click on Preferences

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Step 4: In this section you can set up general booking restrictions on your Booking Engine

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Step 5: Tick this box if you wish to display the real number of available units of every room type you have left

Step 5 image

Step 6: You can also define a maximum number of available rooms to display.
This will display the number defined in the box instead of the real availability, even though all rooms are still available for sale

Step 6 image

Step 7: The Booking window defines a maximum number of days in the future until which a guest can make a reservation

Step 7 image

Step 8: The Global maximum stay defines the maximum number of days one single reservation can last

Step 8 image

Step 9: In this section you can define the age limits for your different age groups.
The number you define in the box is the lower limit of that age group.
Babies start at 0 year old up to the Junior minimum age.
Please note this affects tourism tax and rates.

Step 9 image

Step 10: Click on Save

Step 10 image

Step 11: At the bottom of the page, you will find boxes where you can edit the error message the client will see if his search doesn't respect the restrictions

Step 11 image

Step 12: Don't forget to Save!

Step 12 image

Step 13: That's it. You're done!

Step 13 image

Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners

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